Illuminer LED Lighting

Consumes up to 50% Less Energy!

LED Lighting Distributors:

In efforts to keep up with the demand for low cost and effective energy solutions, ESI Energy has partnered with Illumineer a LED lighting manufacturer. Illunineer produces LED lighting and commerial LED lighting products. This partnership will provide our customers with the most effecient LED Lighting and commercial LED technologies at the lowest possible cost. This is just one more way ESI is working for you.

As a direct distributor for LED lighting and Commercial LED lighting, we avoid layers of unnecessary mark-up and inflated costs, passing these savings directly to our customers. In most cases our LED lighting solutions have produced return on investments (ROI) of greater that 100%, internal rate of return (IRR) of greater than 75% and a modified internal rate of return (MIRR) higher than 25%, making LED lighting an excellent investment for your organization. (These numbers will vary based on your organization's discount rate and re-investment rate.)

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Utility T8 LED Lighting Replacement and Commercial T8:

One thing that ESI Energy is excited about is the dimming ability of our LED lighting. In conjunction with extremely low energy consumption, 50,000+ hours of operating life and a 5 year warranty, the ability to dim the lights is phenomenal. Our manufacturer has taken an already low energy saving solution and extrapolated it into a product which can fit almost any T8 replacement application, all without having to replace your existing lighting fixtures.

IlluminerLED™ Dimmable Unprecedented Value, Performance & Savings:

  • Our LED lighting and commercial LED lighting consumes up to 50% less energy, with high efficacy & longer usable life than comparable 32w 4ft fluorescent systems.
  • Bright & Even LED lighting that is dimmable with most controls. Instant on/off – no delays, flicker or buzz
  • Easily retrofit LED lighting to existing conventional fixtures, simplifies troffers
  • LED lighting is safe – free of hazardous lead, mercury & fragile glass, no damaging UV light, infrared radiation or CO2 emissions
  • Unlimited indoor applications for overhead illumination, retail fixtures, signage & accents
  • LED lighting in 2ft-4ft-6ft lengths available in Clear or Frost


LED High Bay:

Illuminer LED High Bay lighting is typically used in industrial applications. They have a single, state-of-the-art, HP LED Illuminer LED. High Bay provides superior light distibution in low and high ceiling applications. The appearance of Illuminer LED High Bay is similar to traditional High Bay lighting but saves more energy and has lower light depreciation rates thereby reducing both electricity and maintenance costs. With a simple installation, Illuminer LED High Bay provide a great ecofriendly lighting solution for industrial applications.


  • Solid State Lighting Technology
  • Superior Quality Light
  • Energy Saving(120W)
  • Ecologically Friendly
  • Long Life-Time
  • IP65 for ALreflector

Illumineer LED Lighting Cut Sheets: