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Monterey Conference Center

The Monterey Conference Center was originally designed in 1974 and completed in 1977. This building, with very few major renovations, is still considered to be one of the nation’s premiere convention centers. However, the Conference Center was in dire need of having both the equipment well roof as well as the HVAC system replaced and upgraded.

Monterey Conference Center

In February of 2007, ESI was awarded the contract to replace and upgrade the rooftop HVAC system.

equipment. This included replacing the outdated and oversized chiller, motors, compressors, chiller/cooling tower combination, pumps, and upgrade the building control system.

By providing strong leadership and skilled, hardworking project foremen, ESI was able to complete the work in the summer of 2007. This retrofit provided energy savings resulting from a reduction in fan and pump energy use, improved efficiency of the chiller and a reduction in the required supply air reheat.The measures taken by ESI resulted in an almost 40% reduction in building energy use per year for the City of Monterey Conference Center.

By installing VFD’s at the motors and pumps, the high efficiency chiller, air dampers and improved controls throughout the building, the City is achieving even greater energy savings. The energy savings for this project are estimated to be 320,918 kWh and 9,138 therms annually. Furthermore, the City was granted rebates totaling $51,300 and rewarded by not having to spend almost $60,000/year in energy costs.