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Sacred Heart School Homer Building

The Homer Building at Sacred Heart Prep School in Atherton, CA is a great example of how careful planning and intelligent design coupled with advanced controls strategies can lead to an environmentally friendly building. The Homer Building has been awarded LEED Platinum by the US Green Building Council for its sustainable design, extended energy saving measures, and on-going commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and improving indoor environmental quality.

Ohlone College Project

The Homer Building utilizes a full Delta Controls system, including Historian for long term trending, and a DeltaWeb server for remote access to the system. ESI incorporated energy saving control techniques such as optimum starting, trim and response, supply air setbacks and demand response to reduce energy usage, all while maintaining building comfort and air quality. By using these strategies and working with the naturally tempered climate in Atherton, 90% of the occupied space within the building does not require mechanical cooling.

In addition to using less energy than comparable buildings, the Homer Building also supplements their energy usage with a 50kW photovoltaic array on the roof. This system not only reduces energy consumption during the week, but also produces energy on the weekend that can be returned to the grid to help the communities energy demand. ESI’s Delta Controls system monitors the available solar radiation to ensure the array is working properly.